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Alex Macznik
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Does it matter whether your weightlifting coach is a man or a woman?

Summary of an article analyzing a data set of weightlifting results for male and female athletes and the gender of their coaches.


Where does the energy for weightlifting come from?

Summary of an article on glycogen content before and immediately after a high intensity weightlifting session in elite powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters.


At what age are we the strongest? Surprising truth

What is the peak strength age? We have real data now. Oh yes! And no, it's not 25. I mean, it could be, but statistically, on average it is not. And now prepare yourself for the best piece of news: it is later than 25, in some cases, much…


How old are the best athletes in weightlifting and powerlifting

Summary of an article analyzing the age of peak performance in Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting using data up to 2017.

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